1. Epidemiology, Genetics and Breast Cancer Prevention (3 credits)
  2. Pathological Anatomy and Molecular Biology in Breast Cancer (5 credits)
  3. Diagnostic Image in Mammary Pathology (5 credits)
  4. Medical Oncology associated with Breast Cancer (10 credits)
  5. Breast Surgery (5 credits)




  1. Radiotherapy applied to Breast Pathology (5 credits)
  2. Applications of Nuclear Medicine in the field of Mammary Pathology (2 credits)
  3. Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Surgery for Breast Cancer (15 credits)
  4. Basic Principles of Managing a Functional Unit of Breast Cancer (5 credits)
  5. Psyco-Oncology and Experimental Mastology: Final research work (5 credits)



Director: Bernardo Bonanni

Module 1

Unit 1- Epidemiology of breast cancer.
Unit 2- Basic genetics applied to breast cancer.
Unit 3- Screening in breast cancer.



Director: Giuseppe Viale

Module 2

Unit 1- Principles of pathological anatomy in the breast
Unit 2- Anatomopathological classification of breast cancer
Unit 3- Molecular Classification of Breast Cancer
Unit 4- New molecular targets in the treatment of breast cancer



Director: Melchor Sentís

Modulo 3

Unit 1- Introduction to the diagnostic techniques of mammary pathology.
Unit 2 – Mammography: conventional and digital.
Unit 3 – breast ultrasound.
Unit 4 – Breast MRI
Unidad 5 – Other imaging techniques applied to the breast.



Director: Paolo Veronesi

Module 4

Unit 1- Introduction to surgery. From Halsted to Veronesi & Fisher.
Unit 2- Surgical treatment of carcinoma in situ.
Unit 3- Conservative breast surgery. Mastectomy.
Unit 4- Surgical management of the axilla.
Unit 5- Post-surgical complications.



Director: Aron Goldhisrch

Module 5

Unit 1- General medical oncology.
Unit 2- Hormone therapy and hormone-dependent cancer.
Unit 3- Chemotherapy and breast cancer.
Unit 4- Her2 + breast cancer
Unit 5- Triple negative breast cancer.



Director: Roberto Orecchia

Module 6

Unit 1- Basic principles of radiotherapy in breast cancer.
Unit 2- Partial irradiation of the breast.
Unit 3- Intraoperative radiotherapy.
Unit 4- Interstitial brachytherapy.



Director: Giovanni Paganelli

Module 7

Unit 1- The role of Nuclear Medicine in Breast Pathology.
Unit 2- ROLL, SNOLL.
Unit 3- IART.
Unit 4- Breast cancer in young patients.
Unit 5- Breast cancer in elderly woman.
Unit 6- Breast cancer in pregnant patients.
Unit 7 -Metastic breast cancer.



Director: Maurizio Nava

Module 8

Unit 1- Principal reconstructive techniques. Definition of oncoplastic.
Unit 2- Mammary prosthesis. Expanders.
Unit 3- Techniques of reconstruction with flap: TRAM. Dorsal. DIEP.
Unit 4- Lipofilling.
Unit 5- Clinical application of oncoplastic techniques.
Unit 6- Post-surgical complications.



Director: Javier Cabo

Module 9

Unit 1- Prof. Javier Cabo
Unit 2-
Unit 3-
Unit 4-
Unit 5-



Directors: Pellici e Prof. Gabriella Pravettoni

Module 10

Unit 1- Master’s reseach work